About Us


Claro Products is founded by Mr. Santosh Thorat – Chemical Engineer, having vast experience in Chemical Industry. We are dealing in Off-spec Chemicals & Surplus Inventory of Fine and Specialty Chemicals. We also offer innovative solutions for recovery of Solvents and contract manufacturing for Specialty Chemicals, Pharma Intermediates & API (GMP).

Under the umbrella of Claro Products, which deals in Off-spec Chemicals and Solvents mainly for domestic market, we are excited to introduce two new business ventures:


Pioneering in Off-spec Chemicals and Solvents, Aurachem focuses on international business. With a commitment to excellence, Aurachem work as indenter towards import & export business


A dynamic addition to Claro Products, Anvita Chem is dedicated to Speciality Chemicals & Solvents supply.. Specializing for domestic market, Anvita Chem is poised to be the leading supply ecosystem.

Our Core Values

  • Quality

    We make quality the cornerstone of all our activities and commit ourselves to the highest standards in our products and services. We strive for excellence by continuously improving all that we do.

  • Integrity

    We are honest,transparent and forthright in our actions. We adhere to the highest ethical standards of business conduct, protecting the best interest of our employees, our clients, and our environment.

  • Teamwork

    We strongly believe that working together works. We achieve the best results by working together. We treat everyone with respect and communicate openly.

  • Customer Service

    We respect the needs and expectations of our Domestic as well as Overseas customers. We commit to provide the products as per our customer’s demands, with the service they expect,so that they can depend on.

  • Leadership

    We lead by example of what we do. We take responsibility, provide guidance and inspire everyone to unleash our fullest potential.


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